Import-export various products and triangular trade

Aluminum Sealing Foil

Export Aluminum foil protects the products from 

moist, lights and infrared rays, making it the perfect material for household and medical goods that are sensitive to light and heat.


Export flooring such as PVC Cushion Mat, PVC Flooring, Coin Mat, PVC Tile etc.

Float Glass

Export various Glass and Mirror for building, house, furniture and decoration.

Dust Cover Machine

Import and distribute Dust Cover Machine which has been using various area such as show house, precision manufacturing factory, food factory, medical facility, kids cafe, laboratory, etc.


Manufacture PVC Cushion Mat, Latex Medical Device and import them to more than 10 countries in the world.


Latex Product

Manufacture various latex products such as experimental latex gloves,

surgical latex gloves, latex finger coat, condom, etc.


PVC Cushion Mat

Manufacture PVC cushion mat.