Producing condoms about 110 years, Ansell's Mega-brand 'LifeStyles' landed on Korea

16 Jul 2019
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Global corporation Ansell that production amount is number one in the wide world and has been selling 2.2 billions condom per a year that condom brand 'LifeStyles' landed in Korea.

Ansell is the most longevity corporation and has been producing and selling condoms about $1.5 billions(₩1.7 trillions) per a year in 80s countries, whole world.


LifeStyles is mega-brand that number one market share in Europe, Australia, etc. Not to mention the trend of Asian condom market which is focused on thin thickness, it is famous for special condom which applied thinness and special softness.

Especially, LifeStyles SKYN is a poly-isoprene condom developed by Ansell independently. It is very thin compared to conventional condoms. In addition, since it is free from allergies to conventional latex condoms, it can be used freely by anyone.

SHINHENG E&T, an import and export company, has signed an exclusive sales contract for Ansell LifeStyles condoms. SHINHENG E&T CEO Steve Kim said, "I am honored to introduce the mega-brand LifeStyles, which is the number one producer in the world and the second largest market share, to domestic consumers. We will expand our distribution network such as Hypermarket, CVS, H&B", "We will do our best not only to become the top market share in Korea but also to help change the lifestyle of healthy Korean people through active marketing and campaigns."

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