The first condom for women 'Care Her' launched in Korea

16 Jul 2019
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The first condom for women launched in Korea. 'Care Her' born with the catchphrase 'The condom consider for women' is special condom because it is focused 'Women' more than 'Men' who use.

'Care Her' is remarkable that considered women's health and cleanliness first, whereas other functions and design for men. It focused on developing condoms for women, and escaped from the concept for men consumers.

First, the differentiated thing is, used water soluble lubricant. It minimized the sense of difference because of the softness. Also, 'Care Her' considered about young lady's opinions that reluctant to use condom but the lubricant can be clean easy with water.

Second, it is including Eucalyptus extract which is the first to use in condoms. It is effective sterilization and sedation. It feels a careful attention to hygiene and cleanliness in sensitive women's vagina.

Care Her that considered about not only functionality but also design and women is sensational item at condom market.

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