'PLAYBOY condoms' launched in Korea

16 Jul 2019
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Playboy condoms launched in Korea.

Medevice Korea Co., Ltd (Steve Kim, CEO) had contracted with PLAYBOY for supply condoms and has been selling the products through CVS.

'PLAYBOY' trademarked with 'The rabbit tied ribbon' started adult magazine at PLAYBOY ENTERPRISE in 1953, and now it has influence about not only sexy-code but also politics and society in States, South America and Europe. Yet, the company grown up and has various affiliates such as perfume, lingerie, accessory and clothes.

Formal import company of PLAYBOY condoms, Medevice Korea Co., Ltd. has been supplying the products through Seven Eleven, etc. from December. In addition, they are gathering agency of the whole country for selling condoms through pharmacy, large market, etc.

Medevice Korea Co., Ltd said, according to Head office in United States, PLAYBOY condoms' distinguished compared to other condoms that package and design will be masterpiece.

'Ultra Thin' and '3 IN 1' products are on sales in Korea now.

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